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TelecomView Studies Show How Fixed Voice Services Must Change


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 7, 2021 –.Wireline voice services are undergoing a major transition – prices are dropping plus there is a transition underway to incorporate both Voice over IP (VoIP) and mobile technologies. TelecomView has just published three reports that address these issues and show the way forward:

ARPU in Fixed and Wireless Networks: Is Armageddon in Sight?

Fixed Mobile Convergence: UMA – Reality or a Pipe Dream?

Broadband Telephony: The End of Voice as We Know It

“Competition between mobile services and between mobile and wireline services is driving the price of voice services down”, stated Ian Cox, the author of the first two reports. “These competitive pressures are driving the wireline providers to develop new strategies that include converged fixed mobile services.”

These three reports examine the following issues respectively:

q       Voice ARPUs are being driven down dramatically for both fixed and wireless services, but mobile carriers are making up the difference with new data and multimedia services.

q       UMA fixed mobile convergence adds WiFI support to provide roaming from mobile to fixed networks in the home, which provides wireline carriers an opportunity to leverage the success of wireless services.

q       Telephony services over broadband networks have lowered prices and added new capabilities, which may provide wireline carriers a way out of the competitive box.

“The emergence of VoIP and broadband telephony services such as Skype and Vonage are redefining the fundamental nature of voice services”, stated Bob Larribeau, the author of the third report. “In the extreme, voice is becoming a free feature of a broadband data service.”

These reports are the first of TelecomView’s Topics series that provide focused reports on key issues in Telecommunications. These reports are available at for $749 each with a $298 discount for purchases of two or more. For more information contact TelecomView at +1 415 241 9920 or +44 (0) 162 683 4515, or by email at [email protected].


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