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TelecomView Study Says WiMAX will Wedge its way into the 3G Market


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 28, 2021 – WiMAX services will generate $53 billion in mobile revenue in 2011 and will generate $65 billion in mobile capital expenditures between now and then. TelecomView’s new report Broadband Strategies for the Mobile Market analyzes the market for 3G and WiMAX in mobile networks with forecasts through 2011 along with a business case, which illustrates the benefits of WiMAX architecture in high-speed mobile networks.

“We forecast that WiMAX will account for at least half of the broadband mobile service revenues in North America", stated Ian Cox, Principal Analyst at TelecomView and coauthor of this report. “While we also believe that it will be a key technology in Asia, we think that it will lag behind 3G technologies in Europe given the investment being made in 3G and HSDPA.”

“Our business case show that the ROI for WiMAX is two to three times better than 3G technologies”, stated Bob Larribeau, Principal Analyst at TelecomView and coauthor of this report. “Trials underway at Sprint, Korea Telecom, and NTT DoCoMo are a good indication that carriers are quite interested in the benefits that WiMAX brings.”

This report is available for $2,495 and identifies the strategies of major wireless carriers and systems companies. It covers new mobile broadband wireless deployments and technologies, discusses regulatory issues, and the business case for both green field and incumbent mobile carriers. The forecast is segmented into four regions globally and includes charts for both WiMAX and 3G in mobile networks and a set of detailed country forecasts.

This is the next in a series of reports from TelecomView on the broadband wireless market. For more information about it contact TelecomView at +1 415 241 9920 or +44 1626 834 224. You can also visit our website at or by email at [email protected].


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