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TelecomView Study Finds that Optical Networking is the Answer to TelcoTV Networking Woes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 7, 2007– The increasing amounts of video traffic that is being generated by TelcoTV services will cause service providers to move from their current IP and Ethernet networks toward optical video transport networks. TelecomView’s new report Networking Strategies for TelcoTV Services identifies why current networks for TelcoTV services will break down and be replaced by these optical networks.

“We found that there is a broad consensus that TelcoTV services will move toward on demand, personalized services,” stated Ian Cox, Principal Analyst at TelecomView. “This trend will increase the amount of video traffic on TelcoTV networks to the point where it will account for nearly all of the traffic on them.”

This report discusses the IP, Ethernet, and optical network architectures offered by nine leading systems companies. It identifies the advantages and limitations of each architecture and defines which approach is best based on the services offered and the popularity of the TelcoTV service. It concludes that while IP and Ethernet approaches work well during the startup phase, an optical approach will become the best as the service becomes more personalized and more popular.

“The TelcoTV service providers are just beginning to see the limitations of their current networking approaches,” stated Bob Larribeau, Principal Analyst at TelecomView and author of the report. “As they confront the issues described in the report, they will exert significant pressure for more and better approaches to TelcoTV optical networks.”

This 90-page report addresses these issues and provides the information and analysis that TelcoTV providers, system suppliers, and investors need to meet changing TelcoTV networking requirements.

This report is available from TelecomView for $1,495 for a single user license. For more information contact TelecomView at +1 415 241 9920 or +44 1626 834 224 or at or [email protected].

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