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TelecomView Study Identifies Remaining Wireline Broadband Opportunities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, February 26, 2008– While wireline broadband services are approaching or are at saturation in many markets, TelecomView’s new report Global Opportunities in Wireline Broadband Networks: Analysis & Forecast – 2007 to 2013 sizes the remaining opportunities and identifies where they will be. It shows how broadband opportunities are shifting to both emerging markets and to fiber based services.

The report shows the number of wireline broadband subscribers increasing from 338 million at the end of 2007 to 534 million in 2013. It estimates that the market will be at 87 percent penetration at that time, with a remaining potential for 80 million more subscribers after 2013. It shows where these subscribers will be and how much system spending will be required to support them. It also breaks this system spending down between ADSL and fiber technologies.

“Wireline broadband services have been around for 10 years and have largely fulfilled their promise”, stated Bob Larribeau, Principal Analyst at TelecomView. “However, there is still plenty of air in the balloon. There is a lot of growth coming in the next six years for both ADSL and fiber based services.”

This report provides forecasts to 2013 for wireline broadband subscribers and systems spending in 170 countries globally that account for 99 percent of the world’s population. The report forecast spending for copper and fiber broadband technologies. It provides these forecasts globally and by three regions of developed countries and four regions of emerging countries in order to identify where the opportunities are by both geographic and economic groupings.

This 80-page report addresses these issues and provides the information and analysis that broadband service providers, system suppliers, and investors need to understand for success in the Wireline Broadband market.

This report is available from TelecomView for $3,495 for a single user license. For more information contact TelecomView at +1 415 259 5452,, or [email protected].

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