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3G: Taking Mobile to the Next Level

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3G mobile is now well established in leading countries in Asia and is being broadly deployed in Europe. These new services offer a broad variety of new services that are moving the 3G mobile carriers from being voice providers to being data and multimedia service providers. This is a quantum leap that will more than overcome the declining revenue from voice services and continue the growth that mobile service providers are experiencing in both subscribers and revenue.

This report examines the strategies of 23 3G service providers globally. It reviews technical and regulatory issues and examines the trend toward network integration. The report analyzes the effect of 3G services on operator’s ARPU. A global forecast is provided as well as regional forecasts for Asia, Europe, North America, and the Rest of the World that includes 3G service provider subscriptions and revenue as well as handset shipments.

This report finds that 3G will cause mobile ARPU’s to grow in the face of declining voice revenues and that, after 2007, 2G subscribers will begin to decline in numbers as they shift to 3G services. The report points out that the switch to 3G is creating an opportunity for mobile operators to gain market share or for new carriers to establishe themselves in the mobile market.

Who Should Buy This Report?

Wireline carriers

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Wireless carriers

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Engineering managers


Venture capitalists

Where to Get More Information

You can get information on this report at http://www.telecomview.info. The report is available for $1,495 for a single user license. Both departmental and corporate licenses are available. The details of the Forecast is also available as an Excel spreadsheet for $895.

The report can be purchased at http://www.telecomview.info. There is also a Free Whitepaper available on our website that provides information about the 3G market.

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Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary

1.1 Taking Mobile to the Next Level

1.2 Advances in 3G Technology

1.3 Regulatory Landscape

1.4 Incumbents and New Entrants

1.5 Network Convergence

1.6 3G Services and ARPU

1.7 Forecasts

1.8 Conclusions

2 Advances in 3G Technology

2.1 ITU IMT-2000




2.5 CDMA2000

2.6 Super 3G

2.7 Fixed-Mobile Convergence

2.8 Handset Development

3 Regulatory Landscape

3.1 Spectrum Issuess

3.1.1 IMT-2000

3.1.2 U.S. Broadband Spectrum

3.2 Asia

3.2.1 Regulation in China

3.2.2 Regulation in Hong Kong

3.2.3 Regulation in India

3.2.4 Regulation in Japan

3.2.5 Regulation in Korea

3.2.6 Regulation in Taiwan

3.3 North America

3.3.1 Regulation in the U.S.

3.3.2 Regulation in Canada

3.4 Europe

3.4.1 Regulation in The European Union

3.4.2 Regulation in Other Countries

3.5 Rest of the World

4 Incumbents and New Entrants

4.1 GPRS, CDMA2000 1x, and iMode

4.2 3G Prospects

4.3 Asia

4.3.1 H3G – Australia and Hong Kong

4.3.2 Asia Pacific Broadband Wireless

4.3.3 Chunghwa Telecom – Taiwan

4.3.4 KDDI au– Japan

4.3.5 KTF – Korea

4.3.6 NTT DoCoMo – Japan

4.3.7 SK Telecom – Korea

4.3.8 Telstra – Australia

4.3.9 SmarTone – Hong Kong

4.3.10 Vodafone KK – Japan

4.4 North America

4.4.1 Cingular Wireless

4.4.2 Verizon Wireless

4.4.3 Sprint PCS

4.4.4 Nextel Communications

4.4.5 T-Mobile USA

4.4.6 Bell Canada

4.4.7 Telus Mobility

4.5 Europe

4.5.1 H3G

4.5.2 Vodafone

4.5.3 T-Mobile

4.5.4 Orange

4.5.5 mmO2 (To be renamed O2 in 2005)

4.5.6 Other 3G Operators

4.6 Rest of the World

5 Network Convergence

5.1 What is Network Convergence?

5.2 Introduction to FMC

5.3 Introduction to IMS

5.4 Services

5.4.1 Korea Telecom

5.4.2 BT

5.4.3 North America

6 3G Services and ARPU

6.1 Service Enablers

6.2 Service Packages

6.2.1 Europe

6.2.2 Asia-Pacific

6.3 ARPU

7 Forecasts

7.1 3G Networks

7.2 Forecast Methodology

7.3 Regional Forecasts

7.3.1 Global Total

7.3.2 Europe

7.3.3 North America

7.3.4 Asia-Pacific

7.3.5 Rest of the World

8 Conclusions and Recommendations

8.1 Conclusions

8.2 Recommendations

8.2.1 Service Providers

8.2.2 Equipment Vendors

8.2.3 Investors

Table of Figures

Figure 1-1: Global 3G Monthly ARPU

Figure 1-2: Global Cumulative 3G Subscriptions

Figure 1-3: Global 3G Services Revenue

Figure 1-4: Subscriptions, 2G versus 3G

Figure 2-1: IMT-2000 Standards

Figure 2-2: HSDPA Architecture

Figure 2-3: IMS Architecture

Figure 5-1: Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Figure 5-2: KT One Phone

Figure 5-3: Motorola V3 (Bluephone)

Figure 5-4: Motorola CN620 and H-P iPaq

Figure 6-1: H3G Service Packages

Figure 6-2: Vodafone KK Monthly ARPU

Figure 6-3: Monthly Consumer Data ARPU

Figure 7-1: Global 3G by Technology

Figure 7-2: Global Cumulative 3G by Region

Figure 7-3: Global 3G Devices by Technology

Figure 7-4: Global 3G Devices by Region

Figure 7-5: Global 3G Device Shipments Value

Figure 7-6: Global 3G Revenue, by Service

Figure 7-7: Global 3G Monthly ARPU

Figure 7-8: Global 3G Revenue by Region

Figure 7-9: Europe 3G by Technology

Figure 7-10: Europe 3G Device Shipments Value

Figure 7-11: Europe 3G Service Revenue

Figure 7-12: NA 3G by Technology

Figure 7-13: NA 3G Device Shipments Value

Figure 7-14: 3G Service Revenue

Figure 7-15: Asia-Pacific 3G by Technology

Figure 7-16: Asia-Pacific 3G Device Shipments

Figure 7-17: Asia-Pacific 3G Service Revenue

Figure 7-18: ROW 3G by Technology

Figure 7-19: ROW 3G Device Shipments Value

Figure 7-20: ROW 3G Service Revenue

Table of Tables

Table 2-1: CDMA2000 Enhancements

Table 3-1: IMTS Status

Table 3-2: Broadband Radio Spectrum

Table 4-1: Regional Breakdown

Table 4-2: Mobile 2G Deployments by Region

Table 4-3: 2.5G Services

Table 4-4: 3G Data Deployments by Region

Table 4-5: 3G Services

Table 4-6: Asian Service Provider 3G Status

Table 4-7: H3G Financial Position

Table 4-8 : H3G Results as of August 31, 2021

Table 4-9: Chunghwa Telecom Financial Position

Table 4-10: KDDI au Financial Position

Table 4-11: KTF Financial Position

Table 4-12: NTT Docomo Financial Position

Table 4-13: SK Telecom Financial Position

Table 4-14: Telstra Financial Position

Table 4-15: SmarTone Financial Position

Table 4-16: Vodafone KK Financial Position

Table 4-17: NA 3G Service Provider Status

Table 4-18: Cingular Wireless Financials Posit

Table 4-19: Verizon Wireless Financial Position

Table 4-20 : Verizon's EV-DO Service Availability

Table 4-21: Sprint PCS Financial Position

Table 4-22: Nextel Financial Position

Table 4-23: T-Mobile USA Financial Position

Table 4-24: Bell Canada Financial Position ($US)

Table 4-25: Telus Mobility Financial Position

Table 4-26: European Service Provider 3G

Table 4-27: Vodafone Financial Position

Table 4-28: Vodafone Results September 2004

Table 4-29: T-Mobile Financial Position

Table 4-30: T-Mobile Results September 2004

Table 4-31: Orange Financial Position

Table 4-32: Orange Results June 2004

Table 4-33: mmO2 Financial Position

Table 4-34: Other 3G Operators in Europe

Table 4-35: Other 3G Operators in the ROW

Table 6-1: Mobile Technology Comparison

Table 6-2: File Transfer Times

Table 6-3: H3G Services

Table 6-4: H3G Package Prices-UK

Table 6-5: H3G Package Prices- Hong Kong

Table 7-1: 3G and Other Wireless Standards

Table 7-2: Forecast Model

Table 7-3: Regional Forecasts