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New Study Finds WiMAX will Horn In on 3G Data Market


SAN FRANCISCO, CA, December 7, 2021 – WiMAX and other new high-speed wireless technologies will capture more than 40 percent of the Wireless Broadband, leaving 3G with less than 60 percent of the market in 2009. These new technologies provide significant opportunities for incumbent and competitive carriers, according to TelecomView’s new report Wireless Broadband: Will it Replace 3G and Fixed Broadband. This report analyzes the market for Wireless Broadband through 2009 with an emphasis on how the increased performance of new technologies such as WiMAX and TD-CDMA (UMTS-TDD) will affect the market for 3G data services.

“Our forecasts show that WiMAX will be the clear winner amongst the new high-speed wireless technologies", stated Ian Cox, Principal Analyst at TelecomView and coauthor of this report. “WiMAX will pick up 70 percent of this new market segment by 2009 due to its higher performance and flexibility compared to the alternatives. 3G will be important for its mobility, but WiMAX will directly compete with DSL.”

TelecomView’s report discusses WiMAX, TD-CDMA, 3G, and other Wireless Broadband technologies. It covers current deployments, regulatory issues, and the business case for these new technologies for both urban and rural deployments. The report includes a forecast segmented into eight regions globally that provides a fine grained view of the market.

“Our business case show that the ROI for these new Wireless Broadband technologies is significantly better than for 3G”, stated Bob Larribeau, Principal Analyst at TelecomView and coauthor of this report. “In fact, the business case for WiMAX, in particular, is close to that for wireline DSL, which makes it an excellent broadband technology alternative.

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