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The WiMAX Forum publishes WiMAX Profiles and will be testing and awarding interoperability certificates to vendors.
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) IMT 2000 sets international standards for third generation mobile networks.
3G Today monitors and promotes third generation mobile technologies and services.
3G Americas monitors and promotes third generation mobile technologies and services using WCDMA.
CDG Development Group promotes CDMA2000 third generation mobile technologies and services.
ODFM Tutorial shows how OFDM works to improve wireless communications.
Market Research Links to many useful international and national web sites with business development information.
Links to the major telecom Regulators around the world.
WiMAX Trends monitors developments in WiMAX.
Global Statistics provides demographic data by country.
UMTS Forum is the main vendor organization for the GSM 3G community.
See Wikipedia for more on WiMAX
See for more on WiMAX


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