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The telecommunications market is beginning a process of dramatic change. TDM networks, carrying mainly voice traffic, are being replaced by IP Next Generation Networks. These will open up new opportunities for carriers and equipment vendors.

TelecomView is examining these new market developments...
Telco TV Opportunities A new report identifies the opportunities that are available today in TelcoTV services based on a comprehensive forecast and market share analysis for 2006 through 2012.
Networking Strategies Report examines how TelcoTV aggregation networks must evolve to meet the demands imposed by video and TV services traffic.
Broadband TV Report examines how Internet TV and TelcoTV will compete in the market against incumbent broadcasters and the film industry.
Mobile TV will begin to develop strongly as unicast and multicast services are bundled with broadcast channels to create unique content for private viewing.
Mobile Broadband Wireless will compete for fixed and mobile customers using WiMAX and 3G LTE technologies.
Fixed Broadband Wireless will compete for fixed customers using WiMAX and 3G LTE technologies.
Smart Radio Technology will become a major innovation as the spectrum dividend from analog TV switch off allows regulators to adopt a market-led approach to spectrum licensing.
ARPU is under pressure as voice revenues decline.
Broadband Telephony will replace circuit switched voice services.
Fixed-Mobile Convergence will create new opportunities.